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How We Helped a Tier One Bank  Hire  for Their Dream  CTO In 14 Day

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Some of our current partners







Frustrated with bottlenecks?

→ Do you need extreme discretion when hiring sensitive senior roles? 

→ Do you feel like your needs are not understood? 

→ Do you feel like recruitment should be easier?

→ Are you frustrated with poor communication during the hiring process?

→ Are you frustrated by candidate diversity and mismatched qualifications in hiring?

→ Have you made a job offer to a candidate & have them turn you down?
→ Worked with recruiters who haven’t kept their word?


How We Helped an Asset Management Firm Excel

Our Client
A prominent global asset management firm managing $20 billion in assets, sought to enhance its portfolio by filling a gap in a high-fee, alpha-rich category while upholding its industry-leading reputation.

The Solution
Teaming up with Oscar Temple for executive search expertise, the firm meticulously analyzed mutual funds in the target category. From a wide pool, three top-performing managers were identified and contacted  with through personalized approaches.

The Process
Strategic communication and meticulous planning ensured seamless execution. The firm's compelling vision and offer enticed the top candidate, leading to a transformative partnership. The recruited candidate successfully launched a new fund, surpassing expectations and attracting substantial investor interest.

The Result
Within three years, assets under management exceeded $5 billion, bolstering revenues and reaffirming the firm's leadership. The candidate's compensation tied to fund performance highlighted the mutually beneficial relationship between success and reward.

Securing Vital Roles in Global Fintech Ventures

The Client
In the fiercely competitive fintech market, expansion poses challenges for clients. A leading American bank's fintech arm operates globally, offering cutting-edge payment solutions enhancing business security and customer checkout experiences.

The Solution
The strategy involved establishing a genuine partnership, defining roles and competencies, refining the search process, and exploring diverse talent pools. By thinking innovatively, even beyond direct competitors, a robust talent acquisition strategy was devised, addressing diversity and inclusion.

The Result
The outcome was exceptional, exceeding client expectations by securing top talent and addressing cultural disparities. Notably, gender diversity was emphasized in finalist selections. Ultimately, three C-level placements were successfully completed in EMEA, signaling the effectiveness of the approach.

Surpassing Regulatory Headwinds For a Corporate and Investment Banking Group

The Client
Our client, the South African-based subsidiary of a global banking group, faced significant challenges amidst evolving regulations, and impending regulatory changes. Tasked with finding a Managing Director-level compliance professional amidst these complexities, we conducted an accelerated yet comprehensive search.

The Solution
Drawing upon our expertise and network in the niche leadership arena, we swiftly identified and engaged with top-tier candidates from large and mid-size banking institutions. Ultimately, we successfully placed a highly respected compliance expert with nearly thirty years of experience.

The Outcome
Following the appointment, our candidate effectively led the compliance agenda, revitalizing the team, fostering strong relationships with regional leadership, and surpassing regulatory expectations. The outcome underscores our ability to deliver exceptional results in demanding circumstances.

Success hinges on assembling the optimal team.


→ Strategic recruitment gives you a competitive edge.

→ Ambitious company vision drives success.

→ Shareholders expect rapid outcomes.

→ Whilst you Maintain high standards.


Certain recruiters fail to meet expectations.


Chances are, if you've dealt with recruiting firms before, the experience might not have been positive.


The contingent search industry (no win, no fee) typically boasts a success rate of around 20%. This means that out of every five searches, only one is successfully completed.


Why does this occur?

Several factors contribute:

  1. Lack of commitment from the hiring company.

  2. Recruiters are hesitant to invest substantial resources due to the risk involved.

  3. Recruiters tend to prioritize the easiest 20% of searches due to time constraints.

  4. More challenging searches are often pushed down the priority list.

  5. Your particular search might not have been a top priority for the recruiter.




Your search is likely too complex for a contingent approach if you:

  1. Need Specialized knowledge and niche skills.

  2. Want access to networks providing access to top-tier candidates.

  3. Need to maintain confidentiality and discretion.

  4. Assistance in negotiating competitive compensation packages.


If none of these apply, a contingent agency will do an excellent job for you but if any of those do ring true … we might be able to help you

We only partner with 2 new customers per month


We fully commit to filling your roles

It’s why we have a 100% delivery track record


If none of these criteria apply, a contingency agency can fulfill your needs effectively.However, if they resonate with you, we may offer assistance.With a limit to a select few clients monthly, we ensure full dedication to your positions, reflected in our 100% delivery success rate.

Why Partner With Oscar Temple?

→ Utilize social mapping to access 57% more candidates.
→Search mandates are run to strict timescales
→Access to the most senior and talented professionals in Financial Services, Telecoms and Technology
→Connect with top 3 engineers, saving considerable time
→Enjoy reduced hiring costs with a 20% fee discount

→Streamline agency management with a single point of contact

→Achieve 50x better engagement through personalized video outreach

→Speed up new hire impact with seamless onboarding, doubling your competitors' pace

→Maintain competitive advantage with our evolving partnership

→Ensure placement retention with a free replacement guarantee

→Save invaluable time with rigorous 3:1 interview to placement screening

→Uncover candidate motivations and ensure mission alignment for higher offer acceptance

→Foster strategic long-term partnership with transparent progress and on-demand status reports

→Trust a recruitment partner with over 3,000 successful hires and 20 years of experience

What Does Partnership Feel Like?

With our 14-Day Sprint, you’ll see results within 24 hours of our first meeting:

We proactively source elite talent, fortifying your business . Our commitment ensures swift alignment with your hiring needs, delivering the first offer within two weeks. Our 14-Day Sprint, refined over two decades and 3,000 senior hires, accelerates your path to market leadership.

→ Understanding Talent Needs: We delve into your requirements and innovation objectives,    
      setting the stage for candidate identification.
→ Candidate Engagement: Aligned with your mission, we pinpoint and engage ideal candidates.
→ Detailed Assessments: Utilizing scorecards, we ensure candidates match your technical and 
      cultural criteria.
→ Seamless Onboarding: Facilitating immediate impact, our onboarding process integrates hires 
→ Innovative Solutions: Adapting to evolving needs, we foster collaborative innovation.

Leveraging our tools and expertise, placements are achieved within a one-week sprint. This ecosystem transforms recruitment into a strategic growth catalyst, propelling your organization forward.

We manage hiring complexities, allowing you to focus on innovation and transformation.

Day 1
→Resource Planning Consultation
→Value Proposition Enhancement
→Compensation Consultation
→Crafting Performance-based Job Descriptions
→Benchmark CV Profiling
→Defining Competencies
→Scheduling Sprint Blueprint Milestones
→Agreement on Assessment Format, Interview Slots, and Interviewers

Day 2

→Deployment of Trello Talent Pipeline
→Identification and Mapping 

Day 3
→Initiation of Talent Pool Engagement
→Provision of Daily Updates on Candidate Status
→Personalized Messaging to Candidates Highlighting Mission
→Cultivation of Positive Brand Impression in target candidate Community
Days 4-9

→Commencement of Functional and Technical Video Assessments
→Identification of Candidate Drivers, Frustrations, and Ambitions
→Headhunting and Assessment of Candidates
→Insights into Company Perception
→Daily Updates on Search Progression
→Interview Coaching and Scoring Criteria Collation

Day 10

→Commencement of Streamlined Interview Process
→Identification of 3 Candidates Aligned with skills and Cultural Requirements

Day 14
→Securing of Preferred Candidate
→Confirmation of Candidate Commitment to Your Vision

Benefits of booking a call with us

Advertising often falls short. Once personal networks are tapped out and confidentiality isn't an issue, advertising seems the logical step. However, outcomes are typically unsatisfactory: 

Either minimal application 

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Oscar Temple, Your Premier Workforce Partner:

Oscar Temple offers a comprehensive suite of workforce solutions including search, recruitment, interim staffing, and flextech options. They specialize in identifying top talent through personalized searches, utilizing innovative technologies and industry expertise. Their recruitment services ensure a perfect match between candidates and company culture. 

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