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Job Title: Head Of Generals


TargetGrade: DGM/GM (Insurance Industry)

Duties and Responsible

  • Responsible for     supervising operations within an insurance practice. Manages adjusters,     investigators, and appraisers. Insures claims are processed in a timely     manner and resolves issues that arise during process.
  • Manage operations and productivity     at the insurance company.
  • Create and modify procedures and     documents related to policies.
  • Assist in claims management.
  • Identify and analyze risks     associated with policies.
  • Achieve target budgets.
  • Minimize risk of financial loss.
  • Obtain and oversee company     insurance or related funds that management uses to cover costs such as     disability benefits or lawsuits.
  • Direct information for claimants.
  • Manage insurance data for reports.
  • Analyze statistical data, such as     mortality, accident, sickness, disability, and retirement rates and     construct probability tables to forecast risk and liability for payment of     future benefits.

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