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Job Summary

The role will primarily be responsible for the primary point of contact for any finance advice/queries. Candidate will be responsible for preparing the financial accounts up to trial balance, balance sheet and profit and loss accounts of the company within the time frames that will be specified and agreed.

Candidate will also be responsible for producing weekly and monthly management reports as well as overseeing the small teams

Duties and Responsibilities

• Monitors possible loss, misplacement, theft on company’s goods, machinery and property. Institute gross misconduct procedures on staff plus immediate dismissal

• Report to police severe case of theft, loss, and intention to defraud the company etc. and submit evidence to police to enable prosecution.

• The CFO will ensure that all monies are banked on receipt daily. No company’s monies must be mixed with private monies at any times. Should this be noted it shall be deemed as a compromise of the CFO position.

Job requirement

• 8 – 12 years in technology: at least 4 as a Head of Finance in a commercial bank or a Fintech Company.

• Additional Certifications are required such as CFA, ACCA etc.

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